Friends having fun with digital tabletsWelcome to karieratami-logo-print  the new career guidance software for Bulgaria.

The Karieratami online career guidance tool will give you all the information you need to make important decisions about future careers and what courses and training you can do to reach your career destination.

If you are unsure of what careers you might be interested in, Karieratami can give ideas based on what you like and dislike. You can also discover what careers your subjects can lead to. Packed with information on what skills employers are looking for, what you can earn and what qualifications you’ll need, Karieratami will help you explore your future career options.

Developed by experts across Europe, Karieratami is a new online career guidance software that allows you to discover which professions are suited to your interests and skills. The software allows you to learn more about the characteristics of different professions and related training. It can assist you in choosing a career, help you plan your next steps and develop skills needed to manage your career.

The national testing phase is starting fo schools, employment offices, career guidance centers and placement services. Participation is free.
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